Pilates has always been known for how it helps reshape and redefine the body, but what people are starting to find
out, usually through their own experience, is that Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other movement
specialists are recommending Pilates for its rehabilitative properties.

When things are structurally off in the body, it causes pain.  So if, for example, one side of your back is strong and the
other is weak, or one leg is stronger than the other, these things lead to postural imbalances which cause the pain in
your body. Pain is the body's signal that something is off.  The theory behind Pilates is that you always work from
correct positional alignment which will help to rebuild the balance in the body.  You are taught to move without
compensation in a safe and controlled environment.  The exercises are designed to challenge stability, work the
muscles independently while also working the body as a whole.  Complaints of low back pain, hip pain, sciatica,  knee
pain, and shoulder pain are often related to muscle imbalances, and have been corrected with Pilates exercises.

The results I have seen at my studio are astounding, clients who come in who have exhausted all other avenues for
relief, find that within weeks they are feeling less pain, are moving better, while becoming stronger.  Clients who
reached such a level of pain that they avoided movement, are now not only back to their old lifestyles, are not
avoiding movement, and have their lives back.

Here are what clients are saying about Beach Pilates:

"Linda from Beach Pilates has had such a profound impact on my overall wellness.  I have
been treating movement dysfunction in patients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the last
12 years. One principle element of efficient human movement is symmetry.  Linda is a master
at both recognizing imbalance and quickly providing solutions to restore balanced,
symmetrical movement patterns. The movement principles she instills in you will help guide
you through each and every aspect of your physical day, enabling you to move more
comfortably and efficiently.  After the first session I noticed that my gait was more balanced
and my leg length felt more symmetrical; I was walking more efficiently and comfortably after
60 minutes at Beach Pilates.   I have practiced yoga for about 10 years with some pain in my
left shoulder during certain poses.  I have a history of surgery on that shoulder 18 years ago
and after the second session with Linda I was able to do all of these poses with better form
and I was completely pain free;  This result was pretty overwhelming to me. What happens
after one session is pretty dramatic.  You realize how much better you can move and how
much better you can feel."
Dr. Rob Rosa, DPT

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with a disc herniation. I spent most of everyday in pain,
fearful that  any wrong move would throw my back out. My physical therapist recommended
that I might try something called Pilates. I thought she was crazy; at that point I could barely
move, never mind exercise. I decided to have an open mind and began working with Linda
that September. Every session offered me a safe, balanced exercise plan, and taught me
something new about my body.  Pilates has changed my life in many ways, it has helped me
regain my confidence, given me back an active lifestyle, and blessed me with new friendships.
I am happy to say I am now pain free! Linda is a quality instructor, and it is a joy, and a gift,
to have her as my teacher and friend."
Gloria N., Howell, NJ

"When I came to Beach Pilates, I had chronic back problems that I could not resolve with
physical therapy.  I now find that the back problems are minimal or gone and if I do have a
flare-up, it goes away within a few days.  I have taken my classes with Dani, who has been
fabulous about finding a regimen to match my needs at the time I come in.

However, the biggest benefit is the difference in the way I walk, stand, drive and do physical
chores around the house.  The alignment and strength from Pilates is great preventive
Marge, Point Pleasant, NJ

636 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ  08742    732-714-SAND (7263)