Having studied various forms of massage, Linda offers a unique
combination of therapies including myofascial, trigger point, and
stretching in her massages. Specific massages such as the
LomiLomi Hawaiian Healing Massage, Ashiatsu Oriental Barefoot
Therapy (AOBT), as well as the Hot/Cold Stone Therapy Massage
are specific massages and must be requested in advance.

Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage:
All massage sessions are tailored to your individual needs and
may include either hot/cold stones or hydroculator pacs,
incorporated into the massage session.  Deep tissue massage and
therapeutic massage are a specialty.

Ashiatsu Oriental Barefoot Therapy (AOBT):  
"The Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet". Ashi"
meaning foot and "atsu" meaning pressure.  This ancient form of
barefoot massage uses gravity-assisted deep tissue massage
strokes over the body to bring about change in chronic soft tissue
damage. This form of massage relieves muscle pain through a
push, pull, pumping effect on the muscles of the client. Developed
by Ruthie Hardee Piper in 1995, she combined the elements of
traditional Thai massage, barefoot Shiatsu from Japan, and
Keralite massage from Southern India.  Two parallel bars are used
overhead by the therapist for balance and control over the client
while they use soft clean feet for the barefoot massage.

LomiLomi Hawaiian Healing Massage:
Incorporates Chinese Medicine theory and Hawaiian Healing
Beliefs. This full body massage stimulates the lymphatic system to
flush toxins from the body. The specific techniques involve
stretching, rocking, and effleurage/petrassage massage. Restore
your body to balance and unblock stagnant energy channels,
bringing alignment to the body, mind, & spirit.

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy:
Deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic, this treatment employs the
use of heated river stones and/or chilled marble stones, which are
used to massage the body, Heat relaxes the nervous system as
well as releases tight muscles. Cold stones have a very good
success rate in relieving chronic conditions.

Hydroculator Pacs:
Moist heat pacs deliver deep, penetrating heat to the body. They
are excellent for arthritis, joint pain, and to help alleviate aching,
painful muscle tightness.
All massages:

1 hour: $80

1.5 hour: $120
Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Technique
hot stone massage
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