More than 60% of all recreational golfers will suffer one or more golf related
injuries during the course of their playing career. Most of these injuries result from
poor mechanics, a lack of flexibility and generally poor golf (physical) conditioning.

Physician and Sports Medicine

The top professional golfers today are extremely strong and fit, highlighting the
importance of fitness conditioning to the game. Increasingly, casual or scratch
golfers are recognizing the importance of staying fit to lowering their handicap and
allowing them to play longer with less risk of injury and back pain.  

Pilates for golf conditioning helps you hit the ball consistently farther and
straighter, with reduced risk of injury and back pain.  Pilates for golf uses carefully
selected Pilates exercises, customized to meet your needs as a golfer.

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improving your golf game today.

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Benefits of Pilates for Golf:

  • Improves stance, swing and endurance

  • Reduces risk of injury

  • Builds abdominal strength (to support the lower back)

  • Helps minimize or eliminate common golf swing faults

  • Increases concentration

  • Relieves tension

  • Improves flexibility and balance
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Here's what clients, who are also avid golfers, are saying about Beach Pilates:

"I have been doing Pilates with Linda now for over 2.5 years. I have always been someone who liked to exercise and power lift, so
when I first started I was a little apprehensive on whether Pilates was going to be for me. I am a competitive golfer who through the
years has struggled with past injuries and back pain, and these injuries’s where really starting to affect my game. My last injury was
a shoulder injury which the doctor said I needed surgery, but in my mind I would try anything to avoid surgery so that is what
brought me to Linda. I had also heard that Pilates was very good at core strengthening and flexibility, which I also struggled with.
And I knew that was really going to help with my game now and into the future.

Well all the things that Linda said she could help me with have come true. I have avoided surgery and my shoulder feels great, my
over all conditioning and flexibility is better then it has ever been. But the thing that really has made me a believer is the
improvement in my golf game. The over all condition of my game has improved dramatically. Linda has worked extremely hard in
helping me with core stability, flexibility, posture, and strength which have resulted in lowering my handicap, adding 10 to 20 yards in
distance, and making me more competitive when play in golf tournaments.

I am very happy and excited that I started Pilates when I did, and most of all, I am glad I have found such a knowledgeable instructor
as Linda. I look forward to every day I am scheduled to be at the studio, and look forward to still improving with my over all
conditioning." Tom H., Brielle

"When I started pilates about four years ago I could hardly walk up the stairs to the studio because of the pain in my left knee.  I had
lost 30 yards off my tee shot and was stiff all over! Within months I started to feel better and now I feel 100% more flexible and
limber.  My right knee no longer bothers me and I have regained more than the distance I had lost off my tee shot....For some
reason, however, I still can't putt".....Peter W., Brielle, NJ